Outdoor Lunch Area for CCP Students Coming this Spring


Athena Anastasiadis, Reporter

Did you see the seniors last year cooking out in the Walmart lot? If you did, it probably seemed fun. This Spring Lakeview High School administration is planning on adding two more picnic tables to the grass area outside of the CCP lounge.

Lakeview High School assistant principle, Michael Detoro, is “always open to ideas and willing to help.”

Cooperation between students and administration will make the process much easier for students. On beautiful Spring days eating outside would be a great way to enjoy the day.

Last year’s seniors even brought a propane grill to have a cookout, taking this outdoor lunch area to the next level. As a senior myself I think it would be cool to continue the that tradition along with many other seniors.

Fellow Senior Aliyah Jackson agrees, saying, “I think it is a good stress reliever, especially before finals. Similarly, YSU has therapy dogs near their finals, but getting fresh air and enjoying time with friends is a great way to end the senior year.”

Many other seniors feel the same way, including myself, so most of us are willing to bring in supplies to help make a nice area, this Spring!