Finding the Rightful Owners


Breanna Hipkins, Reporter

When Lakeview High School Publications teacher Angela Sarko took on advising the yearbook last school year along with the newspaper she inherited a two full utility closets plus 11 boxes of yearbooks from past years, some dating all the way back to 1943. Not every year exists, but the back room of the BullPen, Lakeview’s newsroom, is full of old yearbooks, many which were purchased by students who graduated but never picked up their yearbook.

When Seniors Carina Nicholas, Haylee Huffman, and Breanna Hipkins started in Publications this year, they had no idea that there was this significant amount of yearbooks until they wanted to look through some past examples to get ideas for this year’s book.

To Sarko’s delight, Nicholas, Huffman, and Hipkins sought permission to organize this cabinets.

While sorting through the past Lakeview High School yearbooks they noticed that there was a significant amount of yearbooks that were personalized and extras.

Nicholas said, “I had no idea that so many people would order yearbooks and then not even pick them up”.

If you do not know how much a yearbook costs, then you should know they are not the cheapest, especially when personalized. While organizing, the girls set the ones that were personalized to the side hoping that Mrs. Sarko would let them try to find the rightful owners.

Sarko said, “I would love it if we could find the owners to these yearbooks and then possibly sell some of the left over ones. It will help cut down on all the extras that have accumulated over the years.”

Please check out the image attached to this article to see if you can help us reunite some Lakeview alumni with their yearbooks. If so, contact Sarko at [email protected].