Dogs visit PIA

Cameron Bunch, Reporter

On Tuesday October 16th several Lakeview High School students ranging from juniors to seniors went to Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, PIA , which is beside the Youngstown Air Force Reserve Base. When we got off the bus they gave us safety glasses and we headed to one of the hangers. Once we where inside the hangers the students and even the bus driver got to get inside the airplanes and take pictures.

We got to go inside a NASA jet that was a reclaimed seized drug plane that helped the Mexican Cartel transfer across the border.

Another airplane we went inside was a small Cessna airplane that has a variety of uses like scouting a location, whether on a tour or seeing what the surrounding area is like, or to transfer food, water, and medicine in Alaska where the nearest store could be 500 miles away.

Then, we got to see a Vietnam helicopter that transferred medical supplies to a hostile area.

Next, we went into the electrical training area. Here students learned how to rewire plane electronics and they also learn how to trouble shoot. Also at this location, the Lakeview students got to meet the students of PIA as well as some of the instructors.

After we left the electrical area we went to the structural area and welding area. These two areas teach students how to build a wing or a part of a wing and patch the wing that has a hole in it with carbon fiber.

Then we went to the repair area where professionals repair private airplanes from across the country.

Through this field trip, Lakeview students got an up close look at a possible post-secondary school choice that can lead to an exciting career.

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