LHS Student Section Sounds Off About Pep Rallies


Haylee Huffman, Reporter

A few Fridays each fall, Lakeview High School holds a pep rally for the football team. The pep rallies generally each consist of the same things: the cheerleaders cheer, the band plays, the cheerleaders and football players play games and the excited student body… well, this year the pep rallies encountered mixed emotions from the student body.

Senior cheerleader Breann Streets said she still likes having the pep rallies. When asked if she wanted more, Streets said,” Yes, because they are fun. Especially senior year because I don’t want them to end!”

This year, our first pep rally outside was something new and exciting.  Senior, Anthony Innocenzi, said, “I think we should have more outside.”

Taking the pep rally outside and having a a game that involved others from the student body was something that grabbed our attention because let’s face it, we only have 3 the whole year to work with.

Student expectations are now at a high level. We expect new things such as the outside pep rally. Senior, Breanna Hipkins, said, “I think we should have new games besides the ones we do every year.”

The cheerleaders do a great job putting together the games, however, watching new ones would be much more fun. Maybe trying new games with students from the crowd, especially the seniors would engage the crowd more than the typical ones.