Discerning Student Critics Agree: One-Acts a Success


Isabella Adkins, reporter

The Lakeview High School’s production of An Evening of One Acts was well received by the student audience with plenty of laughs. On the Friday following the plays’ weekend premier, as is tradition, the student body was given an opportunity to gather and support their peers. The two-play performance explored a largely comedic theme, which the cast brought to fruition phenomenally.

The first of the two plays, “Check, Please” starred seniors Robert Coller and Rachel Gorman and told the story of several cringe worthy dates each of them went on before ultimately meeting and deciding to go out together. It was moments like when junior cast-member Josiah Pinkard appeared onstage in “Check, Please” for a brief series of scenes in which his character showed up to a date with Gorman’s character  donning a burlap sack he claimed to be high-fashion that caused bouts of laughter from the audience.

Senior Logan Burnham claimed that Josiah’s brief appearances in such attire “made the play”.

This was one of several comedy-driven moments within the two mini-plays that shined through.

Burnham also asserted that he’d “never heard the crowd laugh that much before.”

As well, senior Juan Rohrer, said that “when I was sitting in the crowd, more often than not, the people around me were laughing… so I’d say that’s a pretty positive thing.”

Although the majority of the play was clearly engineered to make people laugh, it wasn’t without serious moments, especially in “Door to Door”. This second part played out over several mixed story lines all with the common theme of decision making.

“It was all over the place, but it was lighthearted” remarked Juan Rohrer about the set up of “Door to Door”.

An example of the serious tones could be found in the story of Maggie Bork’s character’s life , shrouded in metaphors with the personification of the concepts of Opportunity and Luck, as characterized by Jacob Batchelor and Jessica Roach.

Of these scenes involving decision making that distinguished “Door to Door”, senior Beatrice Titus remarked that it was “really deep” and “hit home”.

Overall,  An Evening of One Acts by Lakeview’s drama club was a clear success.