Sophomore Taking Flight


Madison Harvey and Sydney Whipkey

Sophomore Derek Sandor has taken his future to a new height.  He has decided to begin flight lessons at the Civil Air Patrol which is an Air Force Auxiliary. While there he is taken up in a plane to learn about the big responsibility he hopes to take on by becoming an Air Force pilot.

Once Sandor graduates high school he will have the opportunity to fly a plane.

He explains that, “After school depending on my grades that’s how many hours I can fly”.

This will only be possible if he is able to hold his high grades. If Sandor graduates high school with straight A’s he will have had enough hours practiced to fly a plane on his own.

Sandor hopes to become an Air Force pilot. He must continue schooling to receive a bachelors degree in meteorology before he can be listed and selected. If selected he will be able to live his dream in the clouds.