2019 Senior Top Dog: Jordan Roper


Shelby Nichols, Reporter


Senior Jordan Roper is well-known through her involvement in track, soccer, and cheer team as well as being selected homecoming queen this past October.

Roper made a big change prior to her senior year by deciding to try out for cheerleading for the first time. Cheerleading has always been an interest for Roper, but she never tried out before because soccer always had a conflicting schedule that restricted Roper from being on the cheer team as well. However, with her senior year being her last chance to cheer, she decided to give up soccer and try something new.

Roper feels she made the right choice because its “so much fun and a lot less stressful!”

Roper is involved other sports as well and is an award winning track and field member whose 4 x 100 relay team made it to state. She also is known for being a district champion twice. Roper has made it to regionals all three of her high school years so far and is hopeful for the fourth round this year.

Looking forward to the future, Roper plans to attend YSU and major in either nursing or physical therapy. Roper hopes to choose one of these paths because she “enjoys helping people and making them feel better.”

Roper is looking forward to college and is excited about the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and become more educated for her future occupation. Roper looks toward the future with hope and ambition to make it through undergraduate school and get a good job. Roper is interested in becoming a certified traveling nurse to help people all around the country and more.

Saying farewell to the Lakeview High School experience, Roper will miss the teachers who have helped her make it through, her friends, and food day in Spanish and French class.

All in all, Roper is a great Top Dog because she learned to not be afraid to try something new because of what people think. Her advice to underclassmen is to “just be yourself, have as much fun as you can, and make memories that you’ll never forget!”