2019 Sr. Top Dog: Joe Gomez


Athena Anastasiadis, Reporter

Joe Gomez is a very involved Lakeview High School Senior. He is the President of Student Council, and as a fellow student council member myself, I can tell you he does a great job. He has to organize events and make sure there is enough members attending, as well as doing extra tasks to make sure the event goes as planned.

He explains, “Being Student Council president is an honor. I have had my eyes on being the president my senior year since my freshman year when I became a member.”

Gomez is also on the boys soccer team. He had a lot of fun this season, but his best memory would be, “when I scored a goal against Girard to tie the game. I’ll miss playing the sport for sure,” he expressed.

As if Soccer and Student Council isn’t enough, Gomez is also a member of the band. He recently returned from the Disney trip which was “very exciting, as I think I can speak for the whole band.”

He also says, “my favorite part of band is just enjoying the time spent with my friends, and getting to be a role model and leader for the underclassman.”

Gomez is excited to participate in track this Spring to pursue a 4th year varsity letter and earn points for his team with his pole vaulting talent.

After high school Gomez plans on attending Youngstown State University, majoring in Business Administration to hopefully run his own business in this area someday.