2019 Senior Top Dog: Juan Rohrer


Isabella Adkins, reporter

Lakeview High School senior Juan Rohrer is among our school’s very best and brightest students. He is a model student here at Lakeview. Rohrer has maintained a nearly flawless academic track record throughout high school, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.  In addition, Rohrer’s ACT score is nearly as perfect as his GPA. His highest ACT score is 35, which is just a digit shy of the highest possible 36. Rohrer’s academics have led the senior class to nominate him for the “Most Likely to Succeed Superlative”.

Rohrer attributes his title to his ACT score, of which he humbly says “People look at my ACT score and instantly go, oh, he’s going to be the most successful, but that’s not true. While it is a factor of getting into college, it’s still just a number and doesn’t dictate how dedicated you are or how much you want to succeed. I was honored but I couldn’t stop thinking about how so many other people deserved it just as much as I do.”

While maintaining his GPA, Rohrer manages to be active in extracurricular activities here at Lakeview and beyond. This year he is serving as President of the Sr. Beta Club and he is also a member of the National Honor Society.

Rohrer is also heavily involved in the band department. He has been a part of band since Middle School. Throughout all of high school, Rohrer has been in marching as well as symphonic bands. This year he became a part of jazz blue.

Rohrer is also involved in a number of athletic activities, primarily running affiliated. He is part of Lakeview’s  cross country and track & field teams. He has also been on swim teams funded by organizations outside of Lakeview.

When asked how he manages to keep up with it all, Rohrer speaks of how it isn’t always easy.

“It takes practice but now it’s become a typical thing to stay up late or go to Dunkin’ with friends to work on a lab, or even to type out an essay until 2 am. I guess it’ s knowing what you gotta do to go for something with no excuses. But at the same time it’s a lot of sacrificing your free time and your personal health.”

Juan has clearly done a great job of balancing his academic career with everything else he’s involved in during his time at Lakeview High School. But this isn’t to say he hasn’t had struggles, especially given the extra demands that accompany senior year.

“I tend to get off focus, it especially happens when I’m juggling writing with all the other classes and hanging out with my friends and doing sports and  band and all that. Especially this year with the college applications it was nearly impossible to maintain a 4.0. For one thing, I’ve learned that the struggle is just a part of the daily grind, really.”

With Rohrer’s perfect GPA and nearly perfect ACT score, it may seem like he himself is perfect. But he is, in fact, only human and has to work hard to reach his goals. A lot of dedication and sacrifice goes on behind the scenes of Rohrer’s, as well as many, many, many others’ outstanding success in high school.

Juan’s top choice college is MIT. While in college, he plans to study to be an aerospace engineer. He is also considering alternatively studying medicine.

Rohrer has certainly made the most of his high school career and is one of our strongest academic Top Dogs at Lakeview.