2019 Senior Top Dog: Sydney Matteotti

Sydney Whipkey, Reporter

Some know her as the most spirited of Lakeview High School, others know her as the bubbly cheerleader, but most of all people know her as the girl with a kind heart and big smile. Senior Sydney Matteotti is a friend to all who meet her and is loved by many.

Matteotti has been a cheerleader throughout the course of her whole high school career. She became part of the National Honor Society her junior year and she is currently employed at the Summer Dreams tanning salon here in Cortland. Matteotti was a member of the Spanish Club for 3 years, and she was also a dancer for 8 years at both Krystie’s Dance Academy and Jo Marie’s School of Dance. She loves helping others every chance she gets, which is why she helps the other cheerleaders with the annual Sparkle Effect game when Lakeview’s students with disabilities join in to cheer on our team.

She says, “Just seeing the kids smile makes my day a whole lot better. I would do anything just to put a smile on their faces!”

Matteotti is very busy with her school life, as she is taking 4 College Credit Plus courses her senior year. While remaining on our Lakeview campus, she is able to earn credits in college algebra/trigonometry, college writing I/American literature, communications, and college biology. Adding those to the art history credit she hearned her junior year, she has a great start to her college career.

Matteotti has managed an accumulative GPA of 3.6, and is getting better all the while, starting off the first quarter of this year with an impressive 3.8.  She plans to attend either Kent State University or Youngstown State University, and she’s aiming to be a nurse, specifically in the pediactrics.

Eager to start her journey as a young adult, she says, “I’m excited to see how my life after schooling will be and I’m excited to be a nurse and help kids and babies every day as my job!”

Matteotti knows just how hard high school can be and how drained it can make you feel, but she always makes the absolute best of every situation.

As one of the Top Dogs to walk our hallways and a soon to be graduate of Lakeview High School, Matteotti has a helpful piece of advice for upcoming students:

“Don’t let the little things get to you. People are always going to talk, but it’s how you react to it that matters most.”