2019 Senior Top Dog: Daniel Evans


AJ McClellan, Reporter

Danny Evans, Senior Class of 2019, is known as one the most well-rounded individuals to walk through the halls of Lakeview. Evans has attended Lakeview Schools his whole life, building stronger leadership qualities as each year goes by.

Evans is heavily involved with his school and his community. As a result of all his hard work in the classroom and community, he was inducted last year as a member of the National Honor Society. This achievement is a very high standard which defines Evans’s hard working mentality. Evans also serves as the Class of 2019 treasurer. His 3.85 GPA will have colleges knocking at his door. 

Evans may have already made his decision on which lucky school he choose. “I plan to attend Cedarville College for Actuarial Science. I fell in love with the campus and it felt like an immediate fit for me”

Beyond the classroom, Evans is also involved with his community, participating in many church functions for North-Mar, a local church. He is a part of the Senior High Youth Group which partakes in community activities shaping our society in a better way. Evans is shaping up to be one fine man with a bright future in his path.

Evans is also very passionate about and talented in sports, playing a handful throughout his years. He’s going to be a 4-year letterman for basketball and was also voted captain of the Lakeview varsity team.

Evans knows hid leadership skills as a captain will be very important this year. “After winning districts last year, I feel like most teams will be targeting us, so we gotta step up our game a little after graduating two valuable teammates. I am confident with our value of play right now and am very excited for the season to start.”

Evans’ strong academic and extra-curricular record has opened many doors to a great future that will no doubt be filled with endless opportunities. He has set himself up for a successful future with his hard working mentality.

Evans has been an exemplary Lakeview Top Dog and will be remembered as a great friend, teammate, and person in general.