2019 Sr. Top Dog: Dakota Whitt


Carina Nicholas, Reporter

Fellow classmate, senior Dakota Whitt is a relatively new top dog at Lakeview High School. While he has been here for only two years, he has made it to the top of the chain very quickly.

Changing schools from Southington to Lakeview, Whitt tells how he struggled a little to get used to Lakeview.

Whitt said, “I was not used to Lakeview standards at first. I had a very spontaneous first year that has opened doors to new things in my life”.

Whitt has been fortunate to be able to do many things at Lakeview to keep active in the school spirit.

With this said, his transition was still hard at first, but eventually it all went well. Being held to higher academic standards took some getting used to. Taking school much more seriously at Lakeview is new for him, but he’s made do and just learned to put more effort into his academics.

Whitt was also part of the Lakeview Football Team. Although he was not a captain, he was highly recognized in the sport.

What Whitt enjoyed most about his football career and high school was,  “Playing under the lights and hanging out at his sister’s with friends.”

Seeing that Whitt changed schools his Junior year, he has said that his new favorite part about Lakeview and school is “the freedom. I can do things at Lakeview I never dreamed of at Southington.”

His favorite part about the move was, “The new friends, I got out more. But I was also ‘the new kid’, and that is a bad stereotype.”

After high school, Whitt plans to “go to college, graduate 4.0, get a job, move into an all white neighborhood with my golden retriever and a beautiful wife.”

Saying he plans to get a 4.0 “is just enough to get all that I want in the future,” Whitt said.

Having high hopes for his own future, Whitt advises the underclassman to “just say ‘yes’ and enjoy your life.”

Also, “It goes by so fast, you might as well train and be the best you can” is his advice particularly for those future athletes out there watching him be the superstar he is on the field.

Being a senior, or ‘Top Dog’ at Lakeview High School is a big deal. Live it up and live for the now!