2019 Sr. Top Dog: Anthony Innocenzi


Breanna Hipkins , Reporter

If anyone knows Lakeview High School senior Anthony Innocenzi, then you know he is all for the game of golf. Just this year alone the golf team has had a winning season with Innocenzi as their team captain. The team won twelve matches and lost only two. They also accomplished winning All-Conference this year as well as the last two years. Innocenzi’s best score on nine holes was thirty-seven strokes and on eighteen holes was seventy-nine strokes.

Innocenzi said that his future beyond high school will not see him playing golf as a team sport. He said, “I want to focus on being able to further study education and work to become a teacher”.

That may be why he puts so much work into school. Innocenzi is a part of NHS, Sr. Beta, Bulldog Buddies, plays golf and tennis, and has earned straight A’s so far this year. He also has a part-time job at Walnut Runs golf course. Most high school students would not be able to pull off getting straight A’s, working, and being active in clubs.

Innocenzi is the student that you could say has many friends and has created a lot of memories within Lakeview High School’s walls and outside of them. For example, Lakeview High School fellow senior Garrett Dodson said, “My favorite memory with Cenzi was playing golf with him and Jake McDivitt and almost getting hit by a car.”

Not only has he had an impact on his peers, but also on his teachers. Lakeview High School junior English teacher Laura Wood said, “My favorite memory of Cenzi is the day he sat in the rolling chair – and it squeaks – so as he continued to move I kept thinking there was a bird in the room when it was just Cenzi causing the chair to squeak.”

Innocenzi is one of the many students in Lakeview High School who strives to succeed no matter what the case is. He left his mark on many throughout his time at Lakeview High School. Even though he will not be continuing his golf career, he will still succeed in becoming an English or social studies teacher in the future.