Freshman Christmas Characters

Shelby Nichols, Reporter

Christmas is just around the corner, and the Lakeview freshman have voiced their opinion on who represents a certain Christmas character best.

The “most generous of them all” is Caly Lantz, according to Lakeview Freshman. Caly Lantz is representing Santa Claus for Christmas characters. She is known to be selfless, giving, and cheerful.

Looking past Old Saint Nick, we have his little friend who guides him with his bright red nose. Hailee Hoover was voted to represent Rudolph regarding her ability to be the most helpful when you are lost. The freshman see Hoover as a leader, who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Christmas is the best excuse to eat whatever you would like, and the freshman can always count on Emily Bennett to help with that. Emily is famously known to be the person you can always count on to have the best snacks. In the mood for some Christmas cookies and eggnog? Call Bennett.

Furthermore, we all need someone in our life who can lend a helping hand and give some knowledgeable advice. Caleb Rinck is your “Elf”, the person who can fix things and create things. Need a homemade knick-knack for a sibling or friend? Rinck is your best bet.

There’s always a villain in every thing, and we all know of the grinch who “stole Christmas.” The freshman have spoken and Benjamin Stirling is known as “that person who is tough on the outside but has a really big heart,” which is the Grinch.

Next, Amber Alfen is thought to be “the best person to spend a snow day with,” representing Frosty the Snowman. Hopefully having a snow day this upcoming winter, Alfen is the person to make plans with.

Now we all know of the movie Christmas Vacation and the famous Clark Griswold. Christmas lights were his pride and joy and the same goes for Madyson Barnard, “the person whose family goes all out decorating for Christmas.” Barnard is representing the Griswold family for the freshman.

Next, we all can admit we still get excited Christmas morning no matter how old we are, but some are more eager than others. Ava Parise is representing Buddy the Elf, “the person who gets most excited about getting gifts.”

Last but not least the winner of the “the person who dresses in all holiday colors and styles” is Dante Warner. Warner is representing the Christmas Tree of the freshman class.