Junior Christmas Characters

Lyndsey Saxton, Reporter

The Bulldog Bulletin has taken a poll of the Junior class to see who represents each Christmas Character. According to your votes you chose…

Rocco Bruno as Santa Claus, Rocco is known as the most generous person in the Junior Class. He is well known for always helping his classmates who may be struggling in a class.

Douglas Gurdak as Rudolph, Douglas is known as the most helpful when you are lost. Douglas is well known for always being able to find his way around.

Bianca Naples as the GingerBread Person, Bianca is known for having the best snacks. From goldfish to almond butter oreo cookies, she has it all.

Demetrious Kakiou as the Elf, Demetrious is famously knows how to fix something. He has been able to fix his peers’ cars, etc.

Matt Balest as Jack Frost, Matt is known to like the cold the most. Matt loves to go sledding on snowdays and skiing on the weekends.

Madisyn Clark as the Grinch, Madisyn is known is to be tough on the outside but have a good heart on the inside. She may put on a tough face, but on the inside she really cares.

Megan Cross as Frosty the Snowman, Megan is known as the best person to spend a snow day with. No matter how cold or how bad the weather may be, Megan can find something fun to do.

Sydney Whipkey family are like the Griswalds,  Sydney and her family are known to go all out when decorating for Christmas. Her house is covered in color full lights, blowups, and even a Christmas countdown.

Isabella Kakiou as Buddy the Elf, Isabella is known to be the most excited about getting Christmas gifts. No matter how big or small the gift, Isabella’s excitement sparks as she sees a wrapped present with her name on it.

Caitlyn Dales as the Christmas Tree, Caitlyn is known to go all out when dressing for the Christmas spirit. No matter what year it is you can catch Caitlyn in Christmas lights or a sweater.