Sophomores Show Their Christmas Spirit

Kayla Beil and Megan Cross

The sophomore class is getting in holiday spirit and chose Christmas Characters to represent them.

Sophomore Santa Claus is Jeffrey Jiang. He is seen by his peers as the most generous person in his grade, willing to share his time and talents and belongings with others.

Rudolph is identified as Stephen Pavlansky. He is the person who would be most helpful if you are lost.

The sophomore Gingerbread person is the person you can always count on to have the best snacks and that would be Daniel Boyle.

Caleb Carlson is the 10th grade Elf because he can be counted on to fix things if broken or even make things from scratch.

Jack frost,the person who loves the cold the most, is Seth Turner for the sophomore class.

The 10th grade, Grinch – that person who is tough on the outside, but has a really big heart on the inside – is Carter Hull.

Frosty the Snowman – the best person to spend a snow day with is Tyler Dicken, so seek him out on our first unscheduled day off.

Haleigh Haake’s family is said to be much like the Griswald’s because they go all out decorating for¬† Christmas.

The sophomore version of Buddy the Elf is Darren Yahnert because he is the person who gets the most excited about getting gifts.

If you’re looking for someone who dresses all up in the holiday colors and styles, look no further than¬† Grace Thomas as the sophomore Christmas Tree.

Have a very Merry Christmas break!