How do you celebrate Christmas?


Athena Anastasiadis, Reporter

As Christmas is quickly approaching, we have come up with a series of 4 simple questions for every grade level to get to know how Lakeview High School students celebrate their winter break. Across the board in every grade level the first question “tell us about your winter break travel” about 80% of students in every grade level stay at home to celebrate with their family. The second question displayed that across across all grades is about our gift traditions show that the majority of people buy gifts for their family more often than friends.

Everyone loves the delicious holiday treats but surprisingly 71% of seniors help bake these cookies or treats and 75% just enjoy eating them. Winter break isn’t Winter break without hanging out with friends and 92% of sophomores go to at least one Christmas party, 82% go to a New Years Eve party, only 58% go to a New Years Day party which is still over half the grade.

Hopefully everyone enjoys their break in all the ways they prefer, we’ll see you back at LHS in 2019