Lakeview Students Deciding New Year’s Resolutions


Maddy Clark, Author

With the New Year just starting, a widely known tradition, making a New Year’s resolution, is coming about to many people. Two of those people are Senior Jensen Gill and Junior Madison Harvey.

There is a variety of different resolutions that people create for themselves to accomplish in the new year. Thoughts spiral around the question, “Why do you have to wait for the new year to set goals for yourself? Why can’t you do that at any time of the year?”

Gill, states, “It gives me motivation when I see others completing their New Year’s resolutions. I wouldn’t have the same motivation if others weren’t being successful too.”

Harvey also has a viewpoint on this mind blowing question. “I feel like it’s harder to start a resolution in the middle of the year because it’s easier to set goals at the beginning rather than in the middle of the year,” she exclaimed.

Many people’s New Year’s resolution has to do with either succeeding in school, or having a healthier diet.

Gill stated, “My New Year’s Resolution is to stay motivated throughout my last semester of high school. I really need to start putting in extra effort in order to prepare myself for college.”

Harvey declared, “This year, I’m not going to eat fast food.” With these resolutions set in place, hopefully they follow their goals and accomplish them. 

Many individuals like to see others succeed at first and then find inspiration from those that are confident with who they are and concluding their goals that they have created. If you have created a New Year’s resolution for yourself, I hope you succeed with whatever it is.