Boys Basketball Netting Another Strong Season


Lyndsdey Saxton, Writer

The Lakeview Boys Basketball team is working hard for the wins this season.  The boys team has a record of 9 wins and 2 loses. The team is pushing the ball down the court, rebounding, and shooting their best shots this season to make it to the final game, hopefully, for the 3rd year in a row. Some players on the team had some meaningful words to say about their team this year.

When asked what playing on this team means, sophomore TJ Saxton said, “Playing on this team means being a part of something greater than yourself, being part of a family that welcomes you to succeed, it is a great feeling!” TJ seemed very excited to talk about his team and how being a part of it was so great.

Freshman, Jake Willms, who plays on the JV team as a freshman, said this honor, “gives me a lot of confidence because playing JV as a freshman means that my coach trusts me enough and knows that I can handle the ball and the pressure well.” Jake wants readers to know that he works very hard and so do his teammates.

Senior Carter Huff had some wise advice for the younger players hoping to one day make the varsity team. He said, “Work your hardest and never give up, if you make a mistake shake it off and try harder the next time, if you let it get to you, there won’t always be a next time.” You can tell that Carter is very passionate about basketball and wants everyone to work their hardest for the team!

Junior Dylan Sarko, added, “The demeanor of our team is very uplifting, because we all want to try our hardest to do our best for our coaches.” Dylan seemed very happy to answer my question and very happy to get talk about what the team is all about.

Every one of these players works their hardest to get a win, and you can tell just by looking at their record for this season. All of these boys want to do their best and want to work their hardest.These boys do not give up, even if they are losing, they are still pushing to do their best. Everyone should be proud of  our boys team and their hard work they are putting forward this season.