The Red & Black Affair is Soon Approaching!


Breann Streets, Reporter

          The Red and Black Affair is our annual Winter Wonders dance sponsored by the student council advised by science teacher Dana Dragash. This dance is for the student body of Lakeview High School. It will be hosted in the cafeteria at Lakeview on February 9th, 2019.
          I asked the student council Vice President, senior Brooke Keller, if student council picks out the decorations and if there was a budget. Keller told me, “Yes, student council normally picks out the decorations and Miss Dragash approves of them and picks some herself too. And the budget is based on the number of tickets sales from the previous year.” I thought that the way they budget was a great way of going.
          I wondered how they decide the theme of the dance, so I asked another student council member. Junior Marissa Zoccali told me, “Miss Dragash posted an announcement on google classroom to suggest ideas for the theme this year, then we voted on a poll over google classroom. It was a 15-7 vote that decided we were going to have the red and black theme this year. Usually, we have meetings but not everyone can make them so we use google classroom.”
          I have always been curious why this dance is hosted in the cafeteria and not somewhere outside of the school. According to Dragash, “Having a dance in the cafeteria instead of off-campus has a lot of advantages. First, you can create memories at school with your friends aside from the usual routine classes and lunch. Second, it really saves us a lot of money to have these dances in the cafeteria. Instead of wasting money on a rental fee for a banquet hall, we have more money to spend on decorations and snacks.”
          One of the rules is that students are not permitted to wear jeans, but why? So, I asked the student council President Joe Gomez, who said, “Because it is a formal event and jeans are not viewed as formal attire for these such occasions.”
          We are not allowed to bring outside guests to this dance which makes me upset because I have a boyfriend I like to bring and many other students would like to bring someone who is not a student of Lakeview.
          I asked Rachel Campolito, a student council member why and she said, “The main reason why outside guests can’t come to Winter Wonders, is because the dance is a way to make long lasting memories with your fellow classmates.”
          Overall, I am very excited to spend my senior Winter Wonders with my best friends and the rest of Class of 2019.