Seniors grab your gear, Play CLE is here!


Aliyah Jackson, Editor

Senior year is flying by and our senior class trip is approaching. The senior class was given a choice between canoeing, visiting The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Play CLE. Play CLE took the win.

Our senior class trip is set on May 24th. The money will not be due until the end of March and the cost per student should be around fifty dollars, the official pricing is to be continued. Lunch will be provided there for you apart of the fifty dollars you will have payed previously and food will be provided after when we return to school.

Play CLE is the largest indoor adventure park in the nation. It contains a mix of challenging , fun, and entertaining attractions guaranteed to keep you moving all year round, no matter the weather. Play CLE offers these unique attractions to not only kids but adults as well to test skills like running, climbing, and jumping. It includes ziplining, a rock climbing wall, and a ninja warrior course.

I interviewed a few of my senior peers including Charlie File, Dawson Brown, and Lincoln White to get their opinion and see how excited they are for this upcoming class trip. All three of them had voted for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. When I asked on a scale from one to ten how excited they were with Play CLE being the choice File replied “A seven and a half.” When I asked White, his response was, “A solid nine.” Lastly, when I asked Brown, he responded the same as White,”A nine.”

After asking how enthused they were to go on this trip, I followed up by asking if they were upset about the choice since they had all chosen another option for the class trip.

File, speaking for the group of boys said, “Although this wasn’t our first choice, we are very satisfied and full of emotion that we are included in the senior class and get to enjoy quality time with peers and other kids.”

I couldn’t agree more with File, with this being our last year and for some of us our last time to make memories with some people because we will part ways when we graduate its important to make the best of every moment.