New Year Brings New Safety


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Lakeview High School is continuing to improve the safety of our building for our students. Principal Lawrence Herrholtz and Assistant principal Michael Detoro have worked hard for the school to become safe for the students. Keeping the school safe allows the students to be in an encouraging environment that contributes to social and creative learning. When the safety needs are not, students may feel uncomfortable, may not show up, and may be on the edge of their seat all day.

In addition, I believe all of the students at Lakeview High School feel safe because of what our principals do for us each and every day. Our principals make us their first priority. They have made the school safe from the start, but recently have added new security and are continuing to make changes making the school even safer than ever!

The first new safety feature they are putting in is shatterproof glass. This glass will protect us from any intruder thinking they can break in by  breaking the glass. The type of shatterproof glass is called Solar Gard. Solar Gard helps keep shattered glass intact and in this way protects buildings and the people in them. For example, the shatterproof glass can protect people from objects that might break and go through a window such as a golf ball or any object that might become airborne in severe weather. This will make all the students feel safe with the shatterproof glass.

Of the shatterproof glass, Herrholtz said, “if someone tries to get in through the shatterproof glass, it will us enough time to go into lock down and get someone there to help.”

Secondly, escape windows have been put in our school. These windows are located in each and every one of our first floor classrooms. Our school put these escape windows in over Christmas break  and they are also meant for the safety of our students. These windows allow students to escape from a fire or an intruder. Unlike all the other classroom windows which tilt in to allow fresh air into the classrooms, these windows open completely so any student will be able to get out of the school and get to safety  quickly. Knowing they have an alternate escape route from classrooms can be very comforting to the students so that we are safe on an everyday basis.

About the windows Herrholtz said, “The escape windows are all on the first floor. I want all our students to get out of the classroom easily, such as a lock down, worst case scenario.”

Alana Levak, the principal’s secretary said, “it feels safer and  it’s a nice alternative.”

Finally, Micki Semroc a main office secretary said, “It’s a good idea for the shatterproof glass to be by the office”.