2019 Sr. Top Dog: Frankie Merkel


Carina Nicholas, Reporter

Fellow classmate, Senior Francesca (Frankie) Merkel is also relatively new here at Lakeview High School. Being here for only two years, she jumped right into LHS in many ways. Getting used to Frankie was very easy.

As her Senior Superlative, she won the “Class Couple” with her boyfriend of 3 years, Joseph Gomez. (Pictured)

Merkel has one main hobby – dance. She loves “competitive dancing at Natalie’s Dance Co. and being a majorette for Lakeview High School.”

Merkel was asked about the new things she found at Lakeview High. She said, “At first, it was difficult getting use to the new setting. I had a difficult time getting use to how Lakeview does things, but I am so glad I switched. I feel more prepared for college than ever.” Saying this, she really gets the “mini campus” vibe as Administration has hoped.

Merkel has a very bright future ahead of her. She has “completed 24 college credit hours with a college GPA of 3.9”. Also, she plans to take “15 more college credit hours this next semester”. Lastly, she also “completed the first nine weeks with a 4.0.”

Just this year alone, Merkel had “4 CCP classes this semester, or 12 credit hours. Next semester she has 5 CCP courses, or 15 credit hours.” That’s a lot of college for a high school student.

Merkel said she also participates in “Senior Beta, NHS, Future Educators of America, Majorettes, and Dance” while maintaining that college bound mindset.

If any of you do not know, yes, dance is a sport. So for Merkel’s athletic achievements, she has been “National Champions for dance and National Runner Up”.

Merkel’s plans after high school are to “attend YSU for early childhood education and minor in intervention specialist.” It takes a truly kind heart for that career and Merkel has one.

Merkel’s favorite part of Lakeview is “participating in school clubs and going places with the band getting to do what I love (Dance).”

Frankie Merkel is sweet, caring, super smart, and truly a great dancer! Anyone would be lucky to be friends with her.