Lakeview’s Bartholomew Plans New Year’s Resolution


Shelby Nichols, reporter

The start of the year 2019 has everyone feeling hopeful. Most likely, everyone you know has at least one resolution for the new year, even if it’s the bare minimum. There’s people who start off the year incredibly optimistic and motivated compared to the people who act as if nothing has changed. A new year’s resolution is a great way to make a promise to yourself that will push you to achieve success, whether it involves sports or academics. One Lakeview High student’s resolution for 2019 is filled with hope and determination.

Junior Tiffany Bartholomew is all around one of the most athletic students at Lakeview. Most know her as a bubbly girl who loves nothing more than just being with her team on the court. Bartholomew is a loyal teammate on and off the court to all friends and peers. Playing as a forward for most of her basketball career, Bartholomew is always seen under the net, defensively in a zone of defense against the opposing team.

Bartholomew believes, “Ever since playing basketball as a young girl, I’ve realized how happy it makes me. It almost acts as a safe haven for me to escape from the stress and problems of high school.”

Bartholomew hopes to be a leader for her team in 2019. Not having very many upperclassman on the Lakeview girls basketball team, she realizes it’s time to step up and show the younger ones, “what it’s all about.” Bartholomew is also involved with a traveling basketball team known as the “Ohio Lakers,” in which she also wishes to lead her team to success.

Junior Laura Garvin, who is also a member of the Lakeview girls basketball team “plans to lend a helping hand to Bartholomew” during her year to better herself in the sport she loves.

Bartholomew hopes to better herself all around. She wishes to straighten up her dribbling, shooting, and passing skills, while stepping out of her comfort zone and taking more experimental risks. She hopes to improve her mental attitude regarding basketball so her mind is more focused on the court. While building her strength and quickness, Bartholomew wishes to become the best forward she can possibly be. All in all, Bartholomew has some big plans for 2019.