2019 Senior Top Dog: Rylei Rosenberger

Bailee Yale, Reporter

Lakeview senior Rylei Rosenberger has gone to Lakeview all her life. Her favorite teacher at Lakeview was Mr. Gysegem because he was funny and a cool teacher.

Rosenberger has been on the honor roll a couple times throughout her high school and while she might not be a Straight A student, she still works just as hard every day to keep her grades up and do her best.

Rosenberger has a passion for softball. She has been playing softball for almost twelve years now. She played JV and some of varsity throughout her high school career, however, though she does not plan to play softball in college, she will still enjoy watching it in the stands.

Rosenberger also participated in one year of track and field throwing discus and shot put. She made it all the way to the county meet her sophomore year of high school.

Rosenberger plans to attend either Youngstown State University or Kent State. The reason she chose these two were that “they are close to home.” She would rather be closer to home then be far away from her family.

Rosenberger plans to major in Criminal Justice and minor in sociology because she wants to help people. Rosenberger has been dreaming about doing this type of work ever since she started watching all the crime shows that are on nowadays.