The New School Store Opens!


A glimpse of the Dog House store

Haylee Huffman, Reporter

Beginning of the 2018-2019 school year a new class, entrepreneurship, was added to our academics. Soon after, the big announcement of a school store being available at our fingertips excited the study body. Now, the entrepreneurship class is eager to say that the new store, the Dog House, is officially opened every morning and afternoon.

The Dog House provides a huge selection. Their product lineup includes oatmeal cups, breakfast crackers, yogurt, smoothies, teas, and coffees. Students can buy these goods for no more than just three dollars and can even use their debit cards!

The Dog House will soon carry Lakeview spirit shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and even lanyards.

Senior Breann Streets, an entrepreneurship student, said, “I’m excited to see the store’s growth in the future.”

Another entrepreneurship student, senior Leah Manns, said, “Watching the store from the beginning, and to see it now… I think it will definitely benefit the student body.”

Running late on a school morning and cannot eat breakfast? Grab something at the Dog House!