Snow Day Activities

Darion Warner, Reporter

With the bad weather approaching, Tuesday January 22nd might be our first snow day and you might be wondering what is there to do on a snow day? The results of a recent survey show the freshman and sophomores have some suggestions.

If are looking for a fun, warm place to spend your snow day, Danny Dukes house is the move or even head on over to see sophomore Max Matlack.

Another popular activity among the freshman and sophomores is sledding. Some of the good spots the freshman suggest to hit for sledding are Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort and Packard Park. However, the sophomores are a little bit more unsure as of where it is good to sled at, or perhaps they just like staying in and keeping warm because their most popular answer was, “I don’t know”.

Hot chocolate is a classic snow day drink and according to the freshman, Panera Bread has the best hot chocolate around. If Panera doesn’t suit you well, head on down to Dunkin as it was the most popular choice for the sophomores.

If the weather is too bad or you just don’t feel like going out on your day off, just chill in warm indoors and put on The Office according to both the freshman and sophomore classes. Another thing you could put on, and in second place, is the Netflix show Shameless.

Hopefully a snow day will come soon, and if it does, follow the suggestions of your grade level peers to make the best of your unscheduled time off.