Lakeview Softball Welcomes A New Coach


Madison Harvey , Reporter

The Lakeview softball family has welcomed a new head coach, Nate Schick, with open arms. The softball enthusiast began coaching softball 9 years ago. He has coached many recreational teams along with travel teams.  Schick’s love for the sport started while he was in highschool and played baseball. His daughter, freshman Reagan Schick, has also helped his love for the sport grow.

When asked why he wanted to become the new coach he responded, “I have a passion for softball, for coaching and being a positive role-model on student athletes.” He is very excited for the upcoming season.

Many players are also excited for their new coach such as freshman Abbie Campana. When asked how Campana felt about having a past coach as her first high school coach she responded, “I’m excited to continue learning from a coach I admired so much and to allow myself to show him how much I have grown.”

Marissa Zoccali, a returning varsity player, is also very excited for the opportunity to learn under coach Schick. When asked if she was nervous to have a new coach for her junior season she responded, “No I am not. I’ve known coach Schick since I was younger. I have already learned under him a couple times.”

All in all, Schick has open arms waiting for him when he begins.