Girls Basketball Working For the Win

Tiffany Bartholomew , Reporter

Lakeview girls basketball has had a rough start to their season, but the Lady Bulldogs aren’t giving up yet. The second time around playing the same teams for the second time the Bulldogs are looking to see how much they have grown since the beginning of the season and looking for their first win.

Senior captain Beady Titus says “We’ve been working hard on and off the court, the first part of our season didn’t go as well as we planned but seeing the same teams and playing them a second time around we get to see how much we have improved.”

Titus added, “Senedak has us going hard at practice every day. We are working on bringing tons of energy to practice and our games.”

The Lady bulldogs are working on their comeback as the season continues.

As the Bulldogs continue their hard work in the gym, they have created a bond like no other outside of gym time. The team likes to hang out and their favorite place to eat is Perkins after a hard Sunday practice.

Freshmen Teagan Pierce said, “Coming in as a freshman I was terrified. As I grew closer to my team I realized that they are my best friends and I love hanging out and doing non basketball related things with them.”

Pierce adds, “I wouldn’t want to spend my free time with anyone else but this group of girls.”

As the girls continue their hard work to catch their first “dub” they need all the support they can get.