Solo and Ensemble, the stress is well worth it

Carter Gregory, Reporter

With the start to a new year, every Band and Choir student is welcomed with their yearly tradition of Solo and Ensemble performances.

What is a Solo and Ensemble performance you ask? Well, in short, it is a yearly event where groups of band and choir members form small groups, or ensembles, and perform in front of a judge who will grade them from 1 – 5 (5 being the worst and 1 being the best).

Students can also choose to perform as a soloist. Some groups like the symphonic band will enter state competition if given a 1, which is a whole other ballgame.  

Solo and Ensembles take a lot of effort. Students need to practice a month in advance and in some circumstances they stay after school for extra practice. Students need to endure the constant idea of improving and dealing with the “not good enough” attitude throughout the month.

The stress is also a huge factor in Solo and Ensembles. Students will find themselves in a room full of people and judges all there to listen to their solo and this can be a huge problem for people with stage fright. That being said, students can’t help but still participate in this event. But why? Who would want to participate in something the causes nothing but stress.

Lakeview High School Band Director Nate Sensabaugh believed he knew the answer to that question. “People get a chance to shine because it’s only them performing, they need to work harder in order to get better and I believe that is the reason our band is so good, because so many people choose to participate in solo and ensemble.”

Sean Galela, one student who decided to do a solo, said, “I wanted to challenge myself this year, to see if I could do it.”

I think these are the two main reasons, to challenge yourself and to get better. But also for the fun. Sure it can be stressful and very challenging, but the time spent with friends and the progress you make on getting better make it well worth it.

Choir Director Bonnie Chronister said it best, “It’s the journey and the learning experience.”