Blood Drive Comes To Lakeview

Tyler Kollar, Reporter

If you haven’t already heard it on the announcements, you might not know that on Wednesday, January 23rd, the Red Cross will be in the gym taking blood. Giving blood is a great thing to do this time of year due to the yearly shortage of blood, not only is giving blood a great thing to do it even comes with several benefits.

The first and most common motive for students to participate in the blood drive is their full 10 hours of community service is fulfilled. Another less common motive is that it is the right thing to do and does not burden you very much and is worth the time you have to spend waiting in line and on the stretcher having your blood taken. Lastly, if you can’t find any other reason to donate you will be happy to know that after you are finished having your blood taken there is a nice variety of snacks and drinks as well as a table to sit down, cool off, and talk with your friends until you feel as though you are able to return to class.

For all students ages 17 and up, you are able to give blood without a signed permission slip from their parents. Simply head down to the cafeteria and speak with one of the student council members and acquire the necessary information as well as choosing a time slot for which you will be called down to donate. For those age 16, you will be required to take home a form to your parents for them to fill out your medical information and sign it allowing the school to know that you have given consent to donate your blood to the Red Cross.

Most upper class-men will be giving their blood for the second or third time, while most younger students will be giving blood for their first time.

I spoke with Lakeview High School senior Carter Gregory and he had this to say when asked if he would be donating. “Honestly I am donating for the community service…and you know to get out of band class.”

I also spoke with a junior at Lakeview High School named Cameron Bunch he had this to say, “Its for a great cause and it makes me feel better knowing that what I am doing could possibly save someones life and I feel that it is an honor and a privilege to donate my blood to the Red Cross.”

In the end, donating blood is great for so many reasons, it not only helps you but could make the difference for someone in need. I highly recommend you stop by the gym and donate blood. I know you won’t regret it!