Bulldogs Set 2019 New Year’s Resolutions


Ashley Bowker, Reporter

It’s a New Year! And for some, that means writing a list of things they wish to do differently, improve upon, or even change throughout this year. For some, the New Year acts as a way to restart or start fresh. Sort of as New Beginning.

New Year’s Resolutions are a way for people to try to work on themselves such as setting goals for themselves and not stopping until they achieve them, or even for them to start fresh and work on themselves. Now, if you’re anything like me, you might not always stick to those goals or “resolutions” for a very long time because some really challenge you.

For 2019, some of my New Year’s Resolutions are that I become a better runner and continue to work hard, to excel in my academics, and lastly, to become a better person and to keep a positive attitude at almost all times.

Biology teacher Dana Dragash has a unique way of going about her New Year’s Resolution. “I don’t really do things differently just because the calendar changes. I like to go weekly and think of my Sunday’s as December 31st, and my ultimate goal each week is to be better than last week.” Hearing this was very interesting to me because it’s a way to go about the whole year, week by week, trying to be better than the last.

Sophomore Allie Mark has some New Year’s Resolutions as well. “I’d have to say I didn’t really make a list of resolutions but if I had to think of something that I’d like to change this year, it would have to be for me to stay more motivated and stay focused on the good things in life and not stress about unimportant things.” Mark also said that after thinking about things to improve on this year, she came up with more things to add to the list but that this was her major New Year’s Resolution.

Junior Madison Harvey said that she thought of a few things that she would like to do differently. “A New Year’s Resolution that I came up with was to not have any more fast food for the month of January. I figured it’d be something to stay true to and not eat fast food for the month of January, because it can also start a good habit. Not all habits are bad so this could also possibly give others the motivation to stop eating greasy foods as well.” Harvey is the type of person that if she says she’s going to do something, such as a New Year’s Resolution, then she’s going to stick to it.

For some people, making a New Year’s Resolution can be so easy to do, but keeping up with it and sticking to that Resolution, often falls short after two or three weeks into the New Year. We tend to find excuses and little “cheat days” along the way and we just give up our Resolution completely.

Even though January is almost over, it’s never too late to make a New Year’s Resolution, or even set a goal and stick to it. If you’re someone who thinks of something but doesn’t always stay true to your word per-say, think of something out of your comfort zone or something that challenges you in sticking to your word and going through with your Resolution.