2019 Sr. Top Dog: Vincent Rienzi


Breanna Hipkins, Reporter

Lakeview High School senior Vincent Rienzi, is known for his skills on the field. This year alone the soccer team had a winning record with Rienzi as one of the captains. Rienzi has had an outstanding season with seventeen goals and three assists this year alone.

Due to his strong soccer abilities, Rienzi was nominated for and won the first team all-district and first team all-conference. Both were big achievements for him in his last year of playing high school ball.

When talking to Rienzi about his future he mentioned that he wants to get into sports management or as a back up plan, either a physical therapist or trainer.

When discussing the future, soccer was definitely in it. Although Rienzi does not know what college he will be attending he will play soccer for the university. He lives and breathes soccer.

His favorite memory from high school was winning the district title his sophomore year. Since Rienzi has been five his love for the game has grown and it will continue to grow.

Not only is Rienzi a soccer player, but he is also a strong student and a friend to many. He has strived to be the best student that he could be.

Rienzi is currently in National Honors Society, Sr.Beta and takes College Algebra. Rienzi strives for success and strives to leave a positive mark on people’s lives. He did just that by being a great friend for Lakeview High School senior Garrett Dodson.

When asking Dodson, his favorite memory of Rienzi, he said, “We were at Buffalo Wild Wings playing with a paper football. Vinnie flicked it, but instead of me being able to get it, it went over my head and hit someone in the face.”

Rienzi is one of the many students that make Lakeview High School such a great school. He left his mark on many through the years, on and off the field. No matter what college he decides to go to, he will continue to leave a mark on everyone he meets and strive to be the best version of himself.