Snow Day Activities – Jr’s & Sr’s

AJ McClellan, Reporter

With winter approaching fast, that calls for a lot more snow. With more snow comes a chance of a possible snow day and who doesn’t like a good snow day. We surveyed the upperclassmen on what they would do if we ever had a snow day. If we are ever called off school because of the snow, the seniors and juniors have some suggestions for you on what to do with your time off. We asked them a series of questions partaking in possible snow day activities and wanted their own personal opinion.

You’re officially called off school for the day and you’re looking for a place to chill for the remainder of the day. Whose house is the best hangout on a snow day? According to the seniors, they would rather relax in the comfort of their own home instead of going to a friend’s house. The juniors would also opt in to staying home for the day because they want to relax on their day off because of the amount of stress school is weighing on them.

It’s time to play in the snow. So we asked the juniors and seniors, where is the best sledding hill? Both classes said that they no longer sled ride so they don’t know of any good sled riding hills. I guess the upperclassmen have grown out of playing in the snow like the good old days.

Instead of playing in the snow, why not stay inside and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate. So we asked the upperclassmen, where can you get the best hot chocolate? Again, both classes, juniors and seniors, came to agreement and said that Starbucks has the best hot chocolate. Lucky for our community, we recently opened a new Starbucks down the road so drive slowly and carefully and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate thanks to Starbucks.

When you get back from getting your hot chocolate, it’s time to warm yourself up next to the fire, drink your hot chocolate, and turn the TV on. But what do you watch? We asked the upperclassmen, What is the best snow day Netflix marathon? According to the seniors, they would choose to binge watch “The Office” because of it’s cheesy humor. The juniors on the other hand would binge watch “Friends” on their day off. Good luck finding a show that suits you because the upperclassmen listed a bunch of shows and the results were very close for which one is the most popular.

So, if you are ever bored on your next snow day, I hope these suggestions from Lakeview High School upperclassmen could help you on your decision for what you should do with your time.