The Doghouse Grand Opening Is Soon Approaching!


Breann Streets, Reporter

Students in the Entrepreneurship class have been working since the beginning of the school year preparing for the big moment, so it is very exciting that the school store, The Doghouse will be opening this Friday, February 8. Entrepreneurship students have also been raising money in many ways to be able to stock the shelves with the various products they will sell. It has been overwhelming but fun coming up with a name, logo, and painting and decorating the store.

Course students are hoping their hard work will impress the student body and teachers of Lakeview. They want the new business to succeed and benefit everyone at Lakeview. In order to do so, they are planning specials of the week and will be selling specially designed spirit wear.

Entrepreneurship teacher and school store adviser, Anne-Marie Koch is very proud of this first class of Bulldog entrepreneurs. Koch said, “I am excited that the students’ will be able to show their hard work to their student body.”

Hearing positive feedback from Koch is very encouraging to the class students who have never before worked on such an extensive project.

Senior entrepreneur student Noelle Baumgartner said, “As being part of the entrepreneurship class, it’s been exciting seeing everything come together.”

Other teachers and students are also excited to see what the new school store will offer.

Biology teacher Dana Dragash said, “I look forward to having a back-up plan to buy coffee on mornings that I am running late.”

Dragash made a good point, especially since we are going to be getting bad weather here. Instead of rushing to get through the drive thru, drive safely and then join your peers at The Doghouse for morning coffee and snacks.

Senior Chris Altier said, “I look forward to the store so I can buy spirit wear.”

The spirit wear is one of the store’s biggest investments and will benefit everyone.

Overall, I hope I see everyone down at The Doghouse grand opening that will be held on February 8th, 2019. We will be having buy one get one half off and something everyone loves…cake!