2019 Senior Top Dog: Kristen Lucas


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Lakeview High School senior Kristen Lucas is a caring, lovable, respectful, and hardworking student. Lucas has been attending Lakeview schools her whole life.

Lucas just finished her senior year of golf and has achieved many things throughout golf these past 4 years, including lettering all 4 years of her golfing career, going to districts and going to sectionals. Lucas helped her team to these achievements by her hard work.

Lucas isn’t just amazing at golf, but she also holds a 3.4 GPA, working really hard in school so that she has a good foundation on which to achieve her goals later in life.

She plans on attending Kent State Trumbull for nursing and a minor in social work.

Lucas chose this major because she wants a job where she can work 1 on 1 with people and their families and she feels the combination of nursing and social work will give her the opportunity to really make a positive ┬áimpact on someone’s life.

She said her favorite memory of high school was ” Going to districts and sectionals with my golf team.”

In addition, her best friend Hannah Nicholas shared her favorite memory with Lucas: “The endless concerts we attended together. my favorite was meeting Gavin DeGraw and getting a high five from Dan from Imagine Dragons.”

As Lucas leaves Lakeview High School, those who know her will remember what she has accomplished as a student and the golf team will miss a huge piece of her hard work.

Lucas has a few words for the underclassmen, “It’s ok if you are not too sure what profession you want to do or what your plan is for after college, but it’s still important to work hard and take as many classes as possible that will help you learn more about things you are interested in. And if you get the opportunity to experience things in a profession you’re interested in, then do as much as you can because that can help you discover what you want to do after high school.”