2019 Senior Top Dog: Antonio Campolito


Shelby Nichols, Reporter

Most at Lakeview High school know Antonio Campolito as a nice, down to earth guy who is friends with everyone. More so, people are more familiar with him as “Campy,” a nickname given to him by his peers at Lakeview High School. Campolito has been attending Lakeview all his life and he is happy to finally be a 2019 Senior.

Looking back at Campolito’s time at Lakeview, he has been involved in quite a few sports while still maintaining a 3.5 GPA. His main sport is golf. He has won many awards for this sport including lettering twice. Campolito has also been on the Lakeview soccer team in the past. His other go to sport is baseball.

Reflecting on the other side of high school, Campolito admits he will miss seeing the friends he grew up with throughout high school and all the memories they have made. Campolito’s best memory at Lakeview high is getting to know some of his friends that, hopefully, he will know and stay in touch with throughout the rest of his life. He also says participating in sports was a fun time.

As a Top Dog, Campolito offers advice to the younger classes that will soon be rising up the totem pole. “Stop walking so slowly in the hallways, and make sure you do what needs to be done in order to pass!”

Looking forward in to future, Campolito plans to further his education at Youngstown State University. He will be majoring in political science, something he has always been interested in. With high hopes, Campolito also wants to attend law school afterwards. What he looks forward to most about college at Youngstown State University is, “having more independence, and all of the parties especially!”

In the future after college, Campolito hopes to one day live in Texas. His goal is to get a home with a ton of acreage and be the owner of many cars. All while enjoying it with a family of his own.