2019 Senior Top Dog: Cait Kelm


Madison Harvey, Reporter

Cait Kelm, a 2019 senior, is respected on the field and in the classroom. In the short 4 years Kelm has attended Lakeview, she has been a star athlete as well as a stellar student by withholding a 3.4 gpa.  While playing only softball because she, “is awful at everything else,” she has shown what it means to be a good teammate as well as a team leader.

Kelm has dedicated 9 years to softball and plans on dedicating more. When asked if she plans on playing in college she responded, “I am undecided on where I want to go, but I would love to play at Pitt Bradford.”

Kelm pitches for Lakeview as well as Thunder Elite. She has recorded over 450 strikeouts and also holds a high batting average of .337.

When asked what she was most excited for in the upcoming season she responded, “To be the best player I can possibly be for my team as well as a good team leader.”

Kelm is also excited about her new coach, Nate Schick. When asked how she feels about having a new coach for her senior year she responded, “I am excited for the new changes he will bring to the team as well as his positive energy!”