2019 Senior Top Dogs: Charlie File and Lincoln White


Sydney Whipkey, Reporter

Seniors Charlie File and Lincoln White are two best friends at Lakeview High School. They both have great work ethic at the jobs they work regularly during the week. Both boys are eager to graduate and get on with their lives beyond high school.

File hopes to attend Kent State to pursue a career in fashion design. His hobbies include working and shopping, which is why he says, “My closet is worth about 15-20 grand.”

File works for his own money and therefore takes pride in his style and what he wears, which is also why he would like to work in fashion.

White would like to attend culinary school, but like his best friend, he also has an interest in fashion design. He enjoys leisure time with friends and cooking for others.

White works 5 days a week at the Raptis Restaurant. When asked why cooking was something he might choose to pursue, White responded, “People aren’t ever going to stop eating and that’s why I chose cooking.”