Kindness Culture Club One of the New Additions to Lakeview


Ashley Bowker , Reporter

Ringing in the new year, Lakeview High school has recently seen some new additions all around the school.

On top of everything else being added, you’ll notice the new mural in the lunchroom painted on the wall by art students and the Assemble for Change group.

Assemble for Change is a group of students focused on improving the atmosphere within Lakeview High School in a very positive way.

With the dedication of this mural, the Assemble for Change members are launching a campaign to increase mental awareness for both the students and staff of Lakeview High School.

Assemble for Change members strongly believe that, “since we can never know the struggles that others are experiencing, just being kind can make a positive difference in someones day.”

They are hoping that this mural can remind all who pass by to “Just Be Kind” in every way.

Members who took part in the painting and idea of this mural are Juniors Ashley Hetherington and Alissa Rodgers. “It took us about 3 to 4 weeks to complete and the very last day we worked on it almost all day long,” Hetherington and Rodgers said.  “We wanted to do something that would hopefully make a difference in someone’s life and help other people in the school be more kind to each other day in and day out.”