Senioritis hits LHS BIG TIME!!!


Carter Gregory, reporter

As I enter class every morning there are always a few of my classmates missing. And I know that they can’t all be sick.

“Of all the years in high school, this year has for some reason been the most tiring,” said senior Tyler Kollar. “I constantly sleep and usually end up finishing my homework at the last second before it is due, not to mention 9 out of 10 times I’m banking on the kind hearts of our teachers to keep my grades up.”

The Seniors at Lakeview are exhausted. It’s their 4th year here and a lot of seniors are left feeling uninspired and unmotivated.

“It’s almost over, so who cares if I miss a little homework assignment?” Bryan Pauloski added.

Seniors just want high school to be over, and who can blame them? They’re so close to the next step in their lives and they’ve just had about enough of being here.

“To be honest….” an anonymous senior stated, “I’ve used up a lot of my sick days this year, and I haven’t even been sick once.”

With only about 100 days left till summer, the seniors are excited for the upcoming events including, prom, graduation, senior parade, and a ton more.

Seniors are struggling, but just need to keep up for a little longer and then it’s off to freedom.