Students at Lakeview Fed Up with Cold Weather

Tyler Kollar, Reporter

Students at Lakeview High School are getting to the point where they can no longer take ohio’s bipolar weather and they would just prefer it make up its mind. The students would much rather prefer for the cold weather to come on when expected – such as over winter break and during January so skiers and sledders can enjoy snowfall – and then leave just as fast as it came.

The main reason behind the students frustration with the weather mostly rests with students who drive themselves to school being required to wake up even earlier than normal to make sure they have time to wipe snow and scrape ice off their car windows. Not only does the cold weather bring more prep work just to get your car on the road, it impedes on precious sleep and we seniors need every last second of sleep we can get our hands on. The alternative is receiving a tardy.

Another point to be made is that the roads in the mornings have not been salted enough and sometimes the side streets – where we all live – are not even plowed, making driving a very stressful and nerve-wracking ordeal for drivers young and old.

As a high school senior, I’ve spent four years listening to teachers and students alike complain about the treacherous road conditions and their many close calls on their way to school. This has in fact led a large portion of students to hold this against superintendent Robert Wilson for not canceling school on days where countless other schools are called off due to the rough road conditions and terribly cold weather.

I asked around for other students’ opinions about the cold weather and their opinions on our school’s lacking amount of canceled school days due to the bad weather and this is what they said.

Lakeview senior Scott Wilcox had this to said, “It really sucks because the cold weather is sticking around even with summer right around the corner, and when it comes to the weather and the lacking cancellation of school you kinda just gotta roll with the punches and deal the hand you’re dealt, in other words, do what you gotta do.”

Another Lakeview senior, Devonte Parker, gave his opinion as well, “I’m honestly tired of this cold weather. I’m ready for spring to come in and warm the place up, and on the topic of school cancellation, I honestly can’t say all that much about it. Only one day in particular comes to mind in which the weather was so bad that we definitely shouldn’t have been at school.”

As Parker points out, the really bad days are rare, and so a day off when the roads are treacherous would not greatly cut into our learning opportunities. It would most likely help students score better on tests that they didn’t have to risk their life getting to school on time to take the test.

When it comes down to it, the students at Lakeview High School are fed up with all this cold weather and can’t wait to get back into the nice summer and spring weather and enjoy the sun as it puts everyone in a better mood.