Rotary Club offers Traveling Opportunities


Sydney Whipkey, Reporter

Rotary Club representative Kelli Hulea recently spoke to Lakeview High School students in a lunchtime chat in hopes of recruiting students to attend a short term youth exchange program over the summer. The program is a cultural exchange, meaning a Lakeview student will go to places where they are not fluent in that language, and then the host brother/sister will come back to the United States to visit in the Lakeview student’s home. Hulea explained this is a month long program guaranteed to be jam packed with memories and fun.

Hulea herself went on a year long exchange to Brazil 7 years ago. She highly praises her experiences and suggests that if you are interested, you take a look into the program. She talked about how you will gain a much better understanding of new cultures, and also how you will make lifelong friends.

Hulea said, “I’m hoping to go back to Brazil for the first time this September for one of my host sister’s wedding!”

The spots open for grab this summer are taking place in Spain, Italy, France, and Japan. Hulea explained that a handful of students are already signed up to partake in the program this summer, with 2 going to Italy and 3 going to Spain. The travels have affected many students in good ways, breaking them out of their comfort zone and teaching themselves lessons that will always stick with them.

The cost of the trip through Rotary is $200. This down payment includes background checks and the purchase of insurance for travels abroad. This doesn’t include travel costs, however, nor does it include extra spending money. Hulea gave an estimate for the total cost depending on which location you choose, stating that around $1,200 might be the starting point. Looking at the bigger picture, however, $1,200 for 4 weeks abroad with this program versus $6,500 for 6 weeks traveling abroad for schooling really isn’t that big of  a price to pay in the long run.

Applications are due on March 29, 2019, and you are encouraged to fill one out. You can find these applications on the Rotary District home page. This is a great opportunity, with many rewarding memories and lessons to be learned while in another country with another family. With any additional inquiries or concerns, you can contact Hulea through her email ([email protected]), and her cell phone (330-727-0949).