Dog House Forced to Reconfigure Products to Fit Smart Snack Regulations


Tyler Kollar, Reporter

Lakeview High School’s school store, The Dog House, was recently forced to reevaluate their inventory so that it complies with the Smart Snack rules and regulations.  Now you may be wondering what are Smart Snacks and what could possibly be so bad for students in the school store? After some research I found the answer.

Smart Snacks was first implemented in 2014-2015 and sets fourth nutrition standards for all food sold at schools during school days. Smart Snack regulations apply to food sold in vending machines, school stores, and any other venue where food is sold to students. Smart Snacks was implemented to make sure that only healthy food is sold to the student body to keep them eating healthy while they are here at school.

The school store is expected to finish selling the rest of the products that violate the Smart Snacks rules and regulations and after all of the products in question are sold or unused, they will be replaced in the future with a healthy alternative.

Some of the products in question are the store’s muffins, starbucks coffee, cookies, and hot pockets. Consequently, these items are some of the school store’s top sellers, so it remains to be seen if the store will receive as much business because of this change in inventory.

I spoke with some Dog House staff members and asked them their opinions on the matter and how they thought the store would do after the change in stock.

Seth Dunn, a Lakeview Senior who takes part in running the store said, “Its a real shame because nearly all the products being removed is where a large part of our income comes from.”

Anthony Innocenzi, a Lakeview Senior and Dog House staff member added, “Its a real bummer, but I believe that we will bounce back strong.”

Although it is a shame that popular items have to be removed from the store’s inventory, the future of the Dog House still looks bright despite this change. In addition, following governmental regulation is something every entrepreneur is confronted with on a daily basis, so this has been a real life learning experience.