2019 Sr Top Dog: Breanna Hipkins


Haylee Huffman, Reporter

Senior Breanna Hipkins is a true Bulldog. Hipkins is a well-rounded student who be missed at Lakeview. However, although her Bulldog adventure will end soon, her legacy will continue.

The past four years have shown that Hipkins loves to help her peers in any way that she can. She tutors her fellow peers at the high school writing center and also helps spread the awareness of alcohol and drugs to middle school students by participating in S.T.A.N.D. She also participates in Sr. Beta to help her community outside of school.

In the classroom, Hipkins is also a focused, driven student. Hipkins takes several college courses and exceeds at each one, landing her on the honor roll. Her hard work led her to be accepted into the prestigious organization, National Honor Society.

Not only does she work for her exceptional grades, but she also works to be the best soccer player she can be. Ever since she was five, she fell in love with the sport and her passion for it continues to grow.

Hipkins states, “Leaving Lakeview will be very hard and sad, but I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next chapter of my life”

Now, as an almost graduate, she plans to study chemistry at Thiel College. Hipkins will no doubt build a legacy wherever she studies.

Good luck, Breanna!