LHS Wins Big at Beta Con 2019

Shelby Nichols, reporter

To say the very least, Lakeview Senior Beta had an exceptional, award winning trip at Beta Convention this year. Beta Convention took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. With high ambitions, Lakeview Betas took part in multiple competitions and came out with incredible results, placing 4th overall!

The Beta winners for the Seniors include Emma Churley: 2nd place in jewelry, Anna Paolucci: 3rd place in 12th grade agricultural science, Logan Burnham: 1st place in 12th grade math, and Sean Galela: 3rd place in creative writing.

The Beta winners for the Juniors include Ashley Hetherington: 3rd place in painting, Douglas Gurdak: 2nd place in recyclable art and 1st place in 11th grade science, Kaileen Stevens: 1st place in fiber arts, Michael Pavlik: 2nd place in 11th grade Spanish, Caitlyn Dales: 2nd place in 11th grade language arts, and Douglas Gurdak, Ashley Heatherington, Marissa Zoccali, and Kaileen Stevens: 1st place in the engineering competition.

The Beta winners for the Sophomores include Avery Propst: 1st place in 1oth grade language arts, Mckenzie Bender: 3rd place in 1oth grade math, Haleigh Haake: 1st place in 10th grade science, and last but certainly not least, Jeffrey Jiang: State of Ohio Sr. Beta Club President 2019-2020 school year!

The Beta winners for the freshman include Molly Stein: 1st place on site drawing and 2nd place in drawing!

Furthermore, the highest point of the convention occurred when Lakeview’s very own, Jeffrey Jiang, clinched the title of State of Ohio Sr. Beta Club President! Jeffrey Jiang is currently a Sophomore at Lakeview High School, meaning he will serve as Ohio Beta President next year as a junior – the first junior level president for Ohio.

Jiang feels, “very excited for the coming year and is completely honored to have the opportunity to serve the Betas of Ohio.”

Jiang ran for president to serve as many people as possible, having the natural urge to serve others and give people the things he did not always have himself. Everyone knows Jeffrey as an optimistic, enthusiastic guy that you can ask anything. Behind the scenes, Jiang is an incredibly involved student at Lakeview. He is involved in multiple clubs, including Assemble for Change, Senior Beta, French Club, Think Tank, Game Club and Political Society. Jiang is involved in Beta for the sole reason of his mission to dedicate service.

His favorite part is, “being able to unite with people who have the same goals and beliefs as myself!”

Looking forward, Jiang plans to grow the programs at Senior Beta Convention and allow students from all backgrounds to be able to do what they love in competitions against others. Onto bigger and better things, Jiang will be travelling to Oklahoma with a number of Betas supporting him. He will be running for the National title of Senior Beta President, so he can serve not only Ohio Betas, but all national Betas! In addition, Jiang will attend training in Washington D.C. this summer to prepare him for his role as Ohio Sr. Beta Club President.

Besides the impressive award wins of Beta Con, Lakeview Betas had a fun filled experience getting to bond and know members from other grades and even other schools!

Junior Bianca Naples says, “The best part is the Beta dance by far, I love getting to know other Betas from Ohio and just letting loose after the long day!”

Senior Sean Galela’s favorite part is “going out in downtown Columbus with friends.”

Overall, the Beta Convention is an unforgettable experience and I encourage everyone to attend or even just become involved in Senior Beta! Senior Beta is such a rewarding club that gives students the chance to make a huge impact in their community.