2019 Senior Top Dog: Beady Titus


Madison Harvey, Reporter

Senior Beady Titus is as impressive on the field as she is off. While balancing 3 sports she has been able to uphold an impressive 3.9 GPA. After graduation, Titus plans on attending Mercyhurst University. While there she will major in Business and Competitive Intelligence as well as Accounting. She plans to become a Forensic Accountant and to hopefully one day work for the FBI or CIA.

Although Titus competes in 3 different sports, she has chosen softball to be her favorite. When asked why it was her favorite she responded, “It was my first love.” In her 12 years of the sport, she has grown into an astounding center fielder. Her hard work and dedication has also won her many awards such as second team all conference, honorable mention for district, as well as the scholarly athlete award.

Some of Titus’s greatest achievements were made in softball. During a district final game she was able to hit the game winning run. She has also hit two homeruns in one games with one of them being a grand slam. She has even gone as far as dislocating her shoulder on multiple occasions, even during a key at bat against West Branch to obtain a win.

When asked what she thought the hardest part about leaving high school would be she responded,  “Leaving my friends, and giving up sports. It’s sad to see everything come to an end. Sports have been a huge part of my life and have been part of who I am, so it will be interesting to see what my life will bring without any sports. As for friendships, I am nervous that I will become disconnected from the people who have had so much impact on my life thus far.”

Titus has a bright future ahead of her with all her current academic achievements to back her up. She is currently ranked 12th out of 126 and will be graduating with honors. She is also in the top 10% of her class.

Beady will be missed by many as she moves on to the next step in her life.