2019 Top Dog: Logan Burnham


Alexis Jablonski, Reporter

Senior Logan Burnham is someone most people know as hilarious, laid back, and soft-hearted. Burnham has always set his goals high for achievement and involvement in school activities.

He is involved in Sr. Beta club, is a part of the symphonic band, and also plays baseball. Burnham says his biggest achievement in his academics was reaching a score of 31 on his ACT test and his is biggest achievement in baseball was completing a game with 15 strikeouts in a summer league game. After high school, Burnham hopes to go to Miami University and pursue business administration and finance.

When asked about his senior year, Burnham says the three words he would describe it as would be stressful, adventurous, and life-changing. Senior year can be challenging at times, and Burnham says that the hardest thing about senior year is trying to balance the hard school work, scholarships, work, sports, a social life, college visits, and still trying to find time to sleep.

He says the worst thing about being a senior is “the bittersweet feeling of being ready to move on to college, but not ready to leave behind all the friends and memories of high school.”

High school can be one of the best years of your life, and Burnham says the highlight of his year has been winning first place in the 12th grade math competition at State Beta Convention. 

When asked if he thought high school had prepared him enough to feel ready for college, he says, “I do believe that High school has prepared me for college. There’s just a perfect combination of challenge and stupidity within the classroom and the hallways to prepare me for anything.”

Burnham has a lot to look forward to regarding his future. He says in 10 years, he sees himself working for a major company near a big city, and he imagines himself coaching the local high school baseball team.

 “I am most grateful for….. The friends and the memories that I have built and experienced over the last four years of high school.”