What’s that Noise? Student Interest Drawn to Project at Lakeview


Carter Gregory, Reporter

For the past two weeks, every day at Lakeview High School has been accompanied by the sound of an excavator and the clunking of moving rocks.

Peeking out classroom windows, students’ attention is drawn to the large and changing piles of dirt, cement blocks, and other debris being constantly moved around by construction workers.

Last school year, the Lakeview district came into possession of three lots in front of the high school. Fast forward to today, students can see that a new school parking lot is currently being built.

There are two different designs for the expected parking lot, but a choice has not been decided on. One would only allow entry through the sophomore lot and would allow for 60 parking spaces. Another would allow entry through two sides but would only fit about 57 spaces.  

When discussing the project with Mr. DeToro I ask the question: Why? What prompted the decision for the expansion of the parking lot.

“A perfect tradeoff” was his response. The location where the elementary school is being torn down needs the dirt and has a lot of debris. So the plan is to give the dirt being removed from the high school lots to the elementary school lot, and in return, the debris from the demolition of the elementary school will serve as a foundation for the parking area. It’s a win-win situation. The parking lot will be finished by next school year at the latest and maybe even in time for the this year’s graduation ceremony at the earliest.

To see the plan for the parking lot, click on this link: LAKEVIEW PARKING EXPANSION PLAN