2019 Senior Top Dog: Carson Hackenson


Carson Hackenson

Madison Harvey, Reporter

Senior Carson Hackenson is known to be hard working, friendly, and funny. Hackenson has attended Lakeview his whole life and has decided to attend Cosmetology school following graduation.

Hackenson is a dedicated member of the band, playing trumpet in both the symphonic and jazz band. When asked what his favorite memory of band was he responded, “Senior night”.

He is a hard worker balancing two jobs, school, and band all at once. Hackenson works at Regal Cinema and also the Chipotle in Niles. He enjoys staying busy but makes sure to keep time aside to be with friends.

When asked what the hardest part about leaving high school would be he responded, “Leaving my underclassmen friends, but I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Hackenson also had some advice for underclassmen, “Don’t get frustrated or give up. High school may seem hard, but you will get through it and end up almost being done with your senior year like me.”